On-campus Recruitment Fair - DuunIT 2019

DuunIT 2019

Agora 5.11-6.11

DuunIT is an on-campus recruitment fair, held every autumn, specifically targeted at the students of the IT faculty. For students, it’s their great opportunity to find an internship or junior position in the field of their interest.

photo by Yindong

This year, the number of participating companies grew from 35 to 40, from various areas, including IT services, civil engineering, business consultant, banking, accounting, government administration, etc. This year students could also win a lottery (free lunch for 30 days!) if they visited 2 companies in both days.

picture by Duunit-messut
picture by Duunit-messut

At DuunIT you can talk to their HR or even CTO about your career plan, and may end up with a job interview! Although this is organized by IT faculty, Cogito Association, Dumppi Association and Linkki Jyväskylä Association, it welcomes job hunters from other fields too.

picture by Duunit-messut