Greetings from the WISE programme!

There have been couple of posts here telling you about one of the study programmes at the University of Jyväskylä: SIM (Service Innovation and Management). Today, I would like to introduce you to another study option: WISE = Web Intelligence and Service Engineering.

But first, let me introduce myself, as I am new here. My name is Olga, I am a Master's Degree student at JYU. Although I am an international student, Finland is not a new country for me. In total, I have been here already for 4,5 years, and not only in Jyväskylä; I have also visited and lived in other Finnish cities. Those are the reasons why I will not tell you about how to come to Finland. Instead, I would like to share what this place is like and why it will charm anyone brave enough to come here.

I also want to tell you why we get to be called WISE. Our study and graduation goal is to learn now to design and build (Engineer) Intelligent Service-Oriented systems in the Web. And then it sums up into a personal quality of people who are studying it ;)

Sounds a bit complicated, right? It is and at the same time it is not really. First of all, our study lays on the pure, technical side of computer science, as in other words, there is no business side to it. We do not learn how to sell the system, we create it; and we do it in the Web, so it can be accessed from almost any computer system. And the easy part - we make it to be intelligent!

I will write more about the courses we follow in the next posts. If you got any questions, please, feel free to ask!

Hope to see you here on the campus - application period has just started here!