Courses v.2 - Semantics and agents

As I wrote in one of the previous posts WISE is about creating a smart Information System. One part of the process are semantics and agent technologies.

Semantic language is used to prepare data for computers. As semantic language is designed to follow words meanings and notations. In ideal semantic converted world every word in every language is defined and explained, therefore computer systems would be able to understand meanings of sentences and words. For example if there would be 2 phrases 'computer mouse' and 'mouse in a computer', the system would understand that first one talks about a pointing device. While the second one would mean a mouse as 'a small rodent' in the computer (this is very a very simple way to put). Such a technology would make it easier to make a computer system understand human language and also to express itself dynamically, not with a static sentences which programmer put into.

Agents or software agent is a software program which acts on user's or another program's behalf. Intelligent agents support learning and reasoning. Therefore a goal to create an agent as a system which would be able to adopt to the environment and make dynamic decisions towards a big assigned goal. Agent technologies are useful in various areas of our lives - space and deep ocean explorations, repeated tasks in every day life, distributed databases, routing and etc. Such systems would use the semantic language for communication, decision making and learning.

So we got two courses on each subject I mentioned - introductory and advanced. During the introduction we just learn about the concept and formulation. In the advanced level, we try to build and use the technology while programming some systems ourselves. From those courses joined skills would help to build an intelligent computer system. Or participate in Artificial Intelligence course (it would start for me in couple of month).