Spring Fever

Hello student-gonnabe's and students. Sorry for keeping silent. University kept us all occupied with courses and admissions.

But spring is here and sun is even shining bright in Jyväskylä. Each year it seems that population of Finland doubles during these weeks. As you can imagine students become lazy and some might be even almost finished with their courses for the semester. Don't ask what they do then - I am not one of those lucky. So if you got questions or you want a specific topic to be covered here write us as we are still on duties.

This post is different as I would like to show you all that even we are here IT students, and some might say "nerds", we don't spend all the time with our laptops. We also love going around, travel and experience.

As you would like to get some proof here are pictures from couple of weeks ago taken on Jyväsjärvi lake - we got places worth of seeing.

Photos from Ingmar Wein and Olga Kushanova