Why did we choose Jyväskylä?

List of the cities where you can get a higher education in Finland is long, as in every major city there is located either a University or a Polytechnic. In this post I want to show why we have chosen Jyväskylä and are not regretting it. So what does Jyväskylä has to offer? 

Besides studying there are plenty things to explore. After more than one year I still find something more in here to do and enjoy every day. One can do rappelling, snowboarding, ballet or any other dancing, join choir and archery. The list is so broad that I could say there are activities for every taste and type of person.
Secondly - location, location, location. As Jyväskylä is situated in the Middle Finland getting to other places such as Tampere, Kuopio is easy, even Oulu does not seem that far away. 
Next reason why one should come here is nature. Forests, lakes, places for hiking and doing sports are in a step away. Such closeness to the nature also brings peace and quiet as while living in technically modern city and society everyone got a chance to stop every now and then and enjoy.

There are more and more things to add to the list but I would like to share some words from our active students as well. It have been 1,5 month since we got new students to join our programmes. They have already learnt a lot and received their autumn holidays. I hunted couple of them down and here are some words about their first experience.

"Jyväskylä is an amazing place filled with beautiful forests and awesome lakes. It’s not a noisy city, but a quite location that gives you a wide range of possibilities for studying, sport activities and cultural life. The University of Jyväskylä has many things that makes your study interesting and unforgettable: warm reception from the first day of your stay here, helpful orientation week, variety of courses and lectures, world-known professors, a lot of international students and huge diversity of events and parties. Agora Center being the main building of the Faculty of Information Technologies strikes you with its modern design from the first time and becomes your alma mater for the whole period of study." - Anton.

"... University has fascinated me. Study system varies a lot from what I was used to and at some points, it even gets very confusing, but I think I am slowly getting used to everything in Jyväskylä. I like how the learning environment is very open and informal. Resources are easily accessible and modern and even the whole architecture of the campuses, makes you want to study.
... By some kind of accident, I had the biggest fortune to meet the best people here. They have been there when I missed home...
...I am happy that I made the decision to come here. There are so many benefits of living in a very different environment and I am looking forward to an adventure that will give me lifelong friends and memories. " - Arus.

And as last, we came here to climb as high as possible. Would you want to join us?