Master's Degree Programme in Information Systems

Have you been struggling to decide if you want to study business or IT? Have you studied IT and would you like to understand the business point of view? Or are you a business student who would like to understand what the IT guys are actually talking about? If your answer to any of the previous questions is YES, the Information Systems programme at the University of Jyväskylä is the right choice for you (as it was for me)!

Every time when I tell other students that I study information systems, I quickly describe it as “a combination of IT and business or IT management”. The programme does not cover these areas from the beginning, so you should be already familiar with IT or business, in ideal case with both, but don’t worry, previous business knowledge is not completely necessary (check the up to date admission criteria on the university website).

The current era of digitalization and increased importance of (ICT) services created a need for professionals who have both IT and business knowledge and can efficiently combine them in order to provide ICT-based solutions to real-life problems. The programme offers courses which equip you with skills to understand user’s needs, lead ICT projects, handle problems and resistance related to ICT changes in organizations, etc. By studying in this master’s programme, you are preparing to become a project manager, service manager, consultant, analyst, and for a wide variety of other career paths. Even if you want to be only IT or business person, nowadays it is very valuable if you are able to understand the other field as well.

After studying on more universities and several years of working experience in the field, I am very happy that I applied and was accepted to the Information Systems master’s programme, because I have seen that the courses are well prepared, lead by professional instructors, the courses’ contents are up to date with current knowledge and trends, and what we study in lecture rooms really makes sense and is practically useful in the working life.

Make sure to not miss the application deadline and hopefully see you one day in Jyväskylä!