Application process - Tips & tricks

Are you considering applying to study at the IT faculty of the University of Jyväskylä? Then we could briefly have a look at things that are really good to pay attention to. 

Language tests - Choose and schedule well
In my personal opinion, the most important thing is proving your proficiency in the English language. Study the admission criteria very carefully and evaluate which of the given options is the best for you. The main option to prove your command of the English language is to take one of the listed standardized English language tests. 

If you select this option, based on my personal experience, I would highly recommend you to start arranging it as soon as possible. The testing sessions can be organized maybe once a month so it can take time before some date will be suitable for you. Pay attention to how much time it takes for the test to be evaluated and results delivered to the university! In an ideal case, you might want to keep extra time in case you would need to re-take the test (plus its evaluation and delivery time again). 

There are significant differences between the tests so compare them carefully! Main differences are in the speaking part. Depending on a test, you might talk with the examiner alone, in pairs or record your answers to the computer which is then evaluated by a person or a computer (yes, I was surprised by this as well! :-D ). It was very useful for me to search for information and experiences of others on internet forums so I can highly recommend that!

Checklist - Make sure you have everything
As the admission criteria are strict and you are expected to fulfill them, I would recommend you to read all the requirements carefully, make a checklist and pay attention to which requirements you already fulfilled. If missing documents are identified after the application period closes, it might be very difficult and stressful to amend them on time.


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